Monday, August 6, 2012

I've been busy.

 Well, as you can see I have been busy supervising the remodel of my living room.  My son has been doing a great job.  His dad would be proud.  This project has taken over my life for most of  April and into May.

This picture is of the finished fireplace and getting ready to tear part of the wall out.
 This is looking into the garage.  Kyle is building the framework for the shelving on one side of the fireplace.  Using a manly tool, the sawzall.  Rips through anything.
 When we got the other side built, I wanted to put a hidden place in the bottom so as to put a safe for valuables.  Tanner thought it looked like a very good hiding spot to sleep in.  So I let him for one night.
 He is on his knees so you can see how deep it is.  About 2 feet.
 Well, it is mostly finished.  About the middle of April, my daughter, Anna, calls and says that the offer of help remodeling my kitchen was still available as the baby was old enough to travel.  So I got busy figuring out what flooring and cabinets I would like and could afford.  Meanwhile, Kyle hurried up to finish the living room before we started on the kitchen!
 Everyone comes home for Mother's Day.  Got to see my grandkids (that will be a later post) and the next day started on the kitchen!
 Everyone got to help with the floor.  Ripping out the old stuff was interesting.
 My kitchen was in the mostly finished living room.  The fridge was to the right of the picture and some things were outside.  We ate out a lot that week.  And Monday morning they also replaced the living room window and kitchen window.
 The old cabinets came out on Monday along with the floor.  Tuesday was putting in the new floor and painting the kitchen.  The original color, when they put it on the wall, was too pink! So we had to repaint early Wednesday morning so the new cabinets could be installed.
Whew! Starting to look like a kitchen again! And could put stuff away out of the living room.  But wait! What's this? The cabinet doors aren't the right ones! And the one base cabinet is the wrong size!  Good Grief!!!
 Finally!  After several reorders and several revisions and a new door, and new entryway tile, and new sink, and new molding throughout the upstairs......
We finally have a finished product!  It has been an interesting few months, April through June, but the end results are beautiful.  The house feels bigger, airier, and nicer to be in.  Thanks so much to my kids, Kyle and Anna and her husband, Preston.  And to Trevor and Tanner for helping to babysit the girls while we worked.
Actually, this picture was taken before we got the doors on the other side of the fireplace.
So I got done with this just in time for school to be out, get three kids to Utah to their sister's for the next 6 weeks and get ready for StampinUp Convention! Next post!  Thanks for stoppin by!

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