Monday, August 6, 2012

Crazy? I was crazy once.....

You would not believe the confusion I have been in all morning.  I made a post last night on my blog, noticing that it was different and thinking that blogger must have updated and erased all my info and posts, because it has been so long since I have posted anything. So sad!  Well, this morning my brain starts kicking in and I wonder, Now maybe that wasn't the real reason.  So I go where I had saved my blog and check in and it kicks me to the "old" blog!  The one I had posted on last night!  What! I thought I had gotten rid of that one!  Hello, anybody at home?  So i have spent all morning trying to figure out how to combine the two and still haven't worked it out.  But, I did get the post transferred.  Yeah!  So,  I am logged into the correct blog now and everyone can find out what I have been doing all this time and I will try to do better with my posting.

So with all this rambling, I should reward you with a cool picture, or two, of some things I saw at StampinUp! Convention, right? Okay.  Here they are.  Well, they are posted above.  I am still trying to figure out how to do things.  Anyway, that corset is made with the fabric StampinUp sells that coordinates with some of the paper and stamps they sell.  I was going to show you the doll house one lady made with StampinUp  DSP , but I can't find it. There were some pretty awesome projects on display besides cards and scrapbook pages.

This is one of many boards with cards on display.  There were thousands of cards for us to see. It was so fun!
  the convention center was soo big!  This is one of the rooms.  Momento Mall where we could get goodies to share with our friends or use for our business.

And we got to make new friends who love stamping as much as we do!

 We would stay up half the night finishing our swaps so we could swap the next day.
This is my poor roommate helping me finish my swaps.  I had the best roommates! We had never met before convention, but we got along so well and had loads of fun.
this lady had it right!  She was able to swap several different cards at the same time!  And we could choose which one we wanted!  Pretty cool!

Sorry this turned out so long. Hope you had fun looking at some of the pictures.  Take care until next time

Jeannie B

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